The Thurmantor Burger Challenge- Thurman's Cafe Columbus, Ohio

The Thurmantor Burger Challenge- Thurman's Cafe Columbus, Ohio

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Thurman’s Cafe in Columbus Ohio is one of my favorite spots to hit up when I am visiting the Capital City. My first trip started with the Thurman Burger so I knew this time I needed to go all out for the Thurmanator. This 24. oz burger was covered in bacon and cheese and tasted as amazing as it sounds. This was my favorite food challenge I have done to date. Man Vs. food knows what they are talking about! This thing probably had enough calories for three cheat days!

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  1. Just had a Thurman Burger earlier today. definitely couldn't finish it. The other half is in a styrofoam container sitting right next to me and the other half of my girlfriend's Blazin' Burger is in there as well. Been eating here for years and it's amazing every time!!!

  2. You know, I really think you need your own show on Food Network. Man Vs Food was good, but Adam was a pussy and had like a losing record. Think you have more skill than him haha

  3. Okay I'm sure you've thought of this by now, but make a vegan burger challenge video. Your vegan fans would love it. Boca vegan burgers are pretty good, there is many others but those are the ones I always eat.

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