Tips for Visiting Washington DC in April

Tips for Visiting Washington DC in April

I'm going to tell you what it's like to visit Washington DC during April hello welcome to trip hex DC my name is Rob I'm a tour guide here in the nation's capital if you're coming to Washington DC and you're looking for the best tips tricks and hacks for exploring the city make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification icon so that you don't miss any new videos and if you're interested in signing up for a trip hex DC tour head on over to trip X DC comm afterwards to see all of the tours that we offer this video is part of my month-by-month series where I tell you what it's like to visit Washington DC each month of the year including information about the weather things to do special events and other month specific information if you have visited DC during April before leave a comment on this video and let everyone know whether you thought it was a good month to come otherwise let's get started April is one of the busiest months of the entire year for tourism early April is usually when we get that perfect overlap of cherry blossoms in bloom and school Spring Break the weekend of peak cherry blossom bloom is always without a doubt the busiest most crowded weekend of the entire year on the National Mall and tidal basin the National Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing by April and there are several signature events and smaller events that are worth checking out if you're interested in those events I highly recommend trip hacks DC podcast episode 7 where I go in-depth about them I'll leave a link to the podcast down in the video description the most important thing you need to know about the cherry blossoms is that they are notoriously difficult to time so I recommend not trying to plan your trip around seeing the peak bloom just to come and be pleasantly surprised if you do April is also right in the middle of 8th grade field trip season so be aware that when you're visiting the museums and the monuments memorials are going to be very crowded I have an entire video about 8th grade field trip season if you want to find out what it's all about April is when we get pretty reliable spring weather but there is always a chance of a cold snap or a mini heatwave the average daily high is 67 degrees and the average daily low is 44 degrees it's actually a pretty tough month of the year for giving tours because temperature swings can happen throughout the day for example if I'm doing a morning tour it might be pretty cold when we start at 9:00 a.m. but pretty warm by the time we finish at noon the key to packing for April is to think in terms of layers you don't want to bring your winter coat during April but you might want to bring some sweatshirts and light jackets that you can layer up depending on the temperature this is the light jacket that I usually wear during April it's great because if it gets really warm I can just roll it up and throw it into a backpack the day before you leave for your DC trip check the forecast for the next few days to see what the temperatures might be like that way you can decide how many sweatshirts and jackets you might want to bring you also should probably plan to pack an umbrella regardless of what that forecast says this is spring after all so rain is not uncommon there are no government holidays during April but there are a few unofficial ones to keep an eye on April Fool's Day is on the first tax day is on the 15th Patriots Day is on the third Monday and Earth Day is on the 22nd there are no official events for any of these but people do occasionally use them for rallies protests and other political events so when you're down on the National Mall you might find some people trying to get your attention about some issue or cause depending on the calendar we could also potentially have religious holidays like Passover Good Friday and Easter however as a visitor unless you're specifically looking for a religious event you're probably not gonna notice much happening for these holidays Major League Baseball opening day is also usually one of the first days in April yeah it's technically not a holiday but I personally think it should be if you agree or disagree leave a comment and let me know if you're a sports fan baseball is the most accessible sport for visitors there are a lot of games the ballpark is easy to get to and tickets are not overly expensive Audie Field the DC United soccer stadium is also located nearby if you're curious about either of these sports you can check out the specific video I made about watching sports in DC and I will leave a link down in the description and that's it thank you for watching this video if you found it helpful you can subscribe to this channel by clicking on the trip pax DC logo which is popping up right now at the bottom of the screen and if you're coming to DC and want to sign up for a trip pax DC tour you can click on the capital dome on the left side of my head that'll send you over to trippy xdc comm or you can see all of the tours that we offer enjoy your trip

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Planning to visit DC in April? We’ve got information about Washington, DC winter weather, holidays, and things to do. Plus, what you need to pack for your DC trip. April is the month most likely to have cherry blossoms in bloom and school spring break.

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to D.C. last week, and we owe a big "Thank You!" to you at D. C. Trip Hacks for your many helpful insights. The "layering" of clothes really proved to be a good approach, and the tips on Capital Bikeshare, Metro, and other forms of transportation were invaluable. Also, thanks for the tips on the Washington Nationals. Watching Bryce Harper's return to D.C. was fun. We will definitely recommend your channel to any and everyone we know going to D.C.!

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