Top 10 Best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon.

Top 10 Best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon.

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Portland Oregon Top Ten Top 10 Best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon.

People have been asking for a video about places to live in Portland. This is the first of a few I plan on doing.


This is my Vlog and list channel about my family, friends and Portland, Oregon. We live a fun filled life in and around Portland. Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with good people that you might see in the Vlog. Sit back and enjoy this crazy life with us. You are always welcome.
Me: Graveyard Jim or Jim,Jimmy or dad. I am a ex-soldier and stand up comic.

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Daughter: Honor or Sweet Pea. My baby girl. She is 20 and a new mom to Maisy

Son 2: Ronin or Ro Ro. High School Student and video game enthusiast.

Grand baby: Maisy or Baby Polar Bear. She has crazy hair and loves the bath tub.

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43 Replies to “Top 10 Best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon.”

  1. I am a native portlander since 1900. I think u hit the trendy and up and coming but left out many pockets and the most elite west hills of SW Vista and up to rose garden- zoo 97201 I believe or 97202. Richmond I thought was Hawthorne and Ladds Addition. And the Alameda area will start to deterioriate soon as my parents geneation are dying off and they knew how to take care of houses and saved money to have work done professionally. S many 50 ish or younger do not take care lf the houses like their parents did.

  2. "safest downtown" uhh…I don't know about that. I live in Bend all my life and our downtown is pretty descent. Despite it being small, It's clean, barely any crime happening, and hardly any homeless people running around. I have visited downtown Portland and it's a little sketchy. My tip: always bring a can of pepper spray with you

  3. I loved in Portland for two years about 15 years ago.. I'm thinking of moving back because IT is an incredible beautiful town. After living in the south, east and Midwest I've enjoyed the NE best! ☺️

  4. Only way Portland would be good to go to now. It used to be great. Now only way it would be nice. Burn it down and run all the liberal Californians out. Other then doing that. It is a big time shit hole to go to.

  5. Nw portland it's the worst now I work around that area you can see crackheads and broken car windows plus it's so expensive and most of the buildings have no parking lot you park outside where there s homeless camps all around got my truck stolen twice in the middle of the day

  6. #7 Richmond. Yes, leave your car somewhere else, because there is no parking anymore. Too many shoddy high-priced apartments built with very few, if any, parking garages/spaces. This is actually happening in other areas, too. And the apartments ARE shoddy— I'm not being overly-critical in saying this..Many have leakage etc problems after only a few years.

    And the homeless/houseless situation has escalated. For example, Laurelhurst (#2) contains Laurelhurst Park, which has a HUGE crime and…um…filth problem.

  7. I used to live on Hawthorne and 34th street right at Harrison. I didn't really like Portland. It rained 8 months out of the year. I did a lot of drugs back then so I dont remember most of it. -,-

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