Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Washington, DC. Guess what number #1 is? Crime or traffic?

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Washington, DC. Guess what number #1 is? Crime or traffic?

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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Washington, DC. Guess what number #1 is? Crime or traffic?
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34 Replies to “Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Washington, DC. Guess what number #1 is? Crime or traffic?”

  1. I’m 17…been here my whole life…some advice? If you’re gonna move here, move to Northwestern or Southwestern part of the city…trust me. Looking to possibly move to Georgia or Florida, or LA.

  2. How about being black living In dc is the worst….the brutal truth is that depending what race you are will determine what your experience is out here….if your black it’s more likely you’ll get robbed and killed by your own kind….it’s hard to here but it’s facts…I was born and raised here 26yrs and I can honestly say every problem I had was with a black person but any time I encountered I a white person I never had no issues

  3. We have no desire to live anywhere near DC. But, my wife is expecting orders for there soon. I'm an IT guy too and really not looking forward to the cost of living or traffic. At least it's temporary.

  4. Actually they rely on the subway system and buses, not street cars, thats San Francisco . Most people drive to the subway, park and ride to downtown. Our house was 48K in 1970, my parents sold it in 1980s for 72K and now 1.5 million. Thats nuts

  5. #11 Road closings due to events. Anything from the president or foreign leader moving through town, to an all-weekend festival, or 4th of July, roads are constantly being closed off and detoured, making it impossible to get around or find parking.

  6. The housing and parking really does suck here. Even these rowhouses in terrible neighborhoods that have been boarded up for years and put on auction are at least $250K. And for some reason all the bathrooms in DC – whether in a house or a restaurant – are always too small and crappy looking.

  7. The crime situation has gotten better, but it is still there. But the rule of thumb for any short visitors is: If you're anywhere in DC, at whatever time of day, if you see a white person walking around, you'll be okay.

  8. I visited DC. I thought it was really nice. You really have to be making a lot of money to live there other than that I thought it was great. I stayed with a relative there. I didn't see any crime there. I felt safe in DC.

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