Top 10 things to do in Denver Colorado!

Top 10 things to do in Denver Colorado!

if you're looking for a nature filled getaway with a dash of city living make sure to check out Denver Colorado their downtown area was great in their outdoor activities were superb here are my top ten favorite things to do while in Denver at number 10 is the very impressive Museum of Nature and Science this museum is great for families with exhibits based on chocolate dinosaurs wildlife space and they even have a Discovery Zone where kids can actually be hands-on it's definitely a great spot for the young and young at heart hey foodies this one is for you I found a very snazzy tip sponsored group of birds every year it was actually built in an old warehouse and outside it doesn't look like much then once you step inside there's a handful of restaurants bars and even some shops so make sure you stop at the source for a good time hi fabulous encourage 22 the Denver our integrities downtown isn't about four levels of plumper building located actually two buildings collections at the Art Museum range from African Asian European pre-columbian contemporary and more it was perfect I even got the simple one of the artist in one of her art so make sure you check out this to building massive this is a must-do in Denver hey traveller is another great thing to do in Denver is actually rent a bike and ride down the downtown Denver area and it's so fun you'd be the walking or biking there's only nine dollars nine thousand twenty four hours so I'm actually about to ride this bike to the Denver's is do so you're going to enjoy the ride with me and then we're going to go see some animals so be there the downtown area was very safe to fight we actually had a couple of bike lanes I was readily available and all the traffic was actually respectful to the bikers so we had a great time doing that we did ride on the sidewalk you know we were supposed to but hey you are out-of-towners and we trying to be safe but one thing we did like to do while we were biking was stopping to shop and number seven is the Denver Zoo it is jam-packed with many different animals their primary section was various but the section that got my attention was definitely the lines they brought lines out and actually give a close and personal meetings with them very of me but before you leave make sure you check out all 4125 of their end and check the schedule to see what programs they have going on for they have a lot of shows going on there as well make sure you stop at the amazing temper zoo so what is load oh you say this is short for lower downtown Denver this area is for my bar hoppers looking for a good time good drink of good food it's also the home of the famous Union Station and Coors Field as I found a great restaurant named southern hospitality and I highly recommend no dough is a good time number five is close to low dough but a little more upscale interest more of a brunch type area with boutique type shopping however I light the whole area lights up with your string light decor it very nice for a romantic number four is the State House the State House is a historical gem in Denver you can take a free tour of the building to get a closer look at that 24 karat gold dome it's also marked for being one mile above sea level hence Denver's nickname the Mile High City surrounding the Capitol building there's parks with different statues and different government buildings that complete the look of the downtown area number three had one point two five miles of shopping fun I love the 16th Street Mall you could either walk the mile or take the free shuttle up and down the strip there's a little bit of shopping for everyone and then you can relax in a restaurant or little Starbuck hi travelers so I'm currently in Denver Colorado and we decided to take a hike at the Red Rocks that they have here in Colorado so I'm checking it out this is actually one of the easier route is called the trail pulse road so what's easier ones where it takes you directly to the right lock and sebab is one point six to two months so nothing too strenuous so Halloween LF you get heavier examine the trailers are a lot longer than I thought it'd be and we're always remember when you're at higher elevation you get winded way faster so make sure you're drinking a lot of water and taking some breaks because right now for like I walk like four miles that's why I do like 1.5 good so let's go see you on this trail guys if it's a scenic area it gets actually really high and there's actually a cliff if you look over down this way so well be aware of that so because if you start feeling light-headed any like that you want to pay attention or just take a seat just pay attention to your body and live here you're taking local about the rest between your – okay so now the rockies is the ultimate denver experience even the drive up there was picturesque so this is a must-do endeavor but let me tell you it would have been more about it I'm at the Rocky Mountain National Park which is about an hour and 40 minutes from Denver Colorado right now I'm doing a little bit of hiking and I'm know if you guys can see the background behind me but it is absolutely gorgeous I definitely suggest doing a hike on at the Rocky Mountains when you are in Denver Colorado however be careful some of the trails are very icy around the springtime and of course the wintertime so everything doesn't start like defrosting until like you know June and onward but I'm here now I'm having great time we're just going to go and look around and see what this hiking trail is all about right now I'm at the deer mountain trail the deer mountain trail so remember that is one of the easier ones and it actually is one of the ones with the least amount of snow considering I'm here now in April okay so let's check it out the scenery was to die for and the higher you hike the different views and angles became available to keep in mind hiking shoes are very important we had on regular sneakers so once we started running snow and ice we had to turn around and became very slippery and dangerous or this is a wants to forget her so I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list of things to do while you're in the mile-high city of Denver Colorado make sure you go to Denver and create your own memories this is Alexander travel bill X over and act

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  1. Just my opinion but I'm quite surprised you did NOT show anything about the RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER while in the red rock park. The amphitheater is ONE of THE most spectacular venues in the world.

  2. I'm definitely a Colorado native! I've been to 6/10 of the spots! Looovve red rocks concerts, and campin up in the mountains is a dream! Views are simply gold! Love it in Colorado

  3. Great video. I love in a new D.R. Horton home in Boulder but I go to Denver a lot, this is a great place to start when going to Denver. I meet clients and family there and having good things to do is crucial for me.

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