Top 5 Free Museums in Washington DC

Top 5 Free Museums in Washington DC

hey it's Alex banger with keller williams capital properties down here in the washington DC metro area today we're going to go visit some of the wonderful museums that we have they're all free and they're part of the smithsonian come and join me let's go take a look here are my top 5 picks for free and amazing museums to see during your visit number 5 the Hirshhorn Museum and sculpture garden here we are at the Hirshhorn Museum is sculpture garden let's go take a look at the sculpture on a cylindrical building the adjoining plaza and sunken sculpture garden house an in-depth collection by famous artists modern masters and works of emerging artists cutting edge film and sculpture like that one I don't like that one so much we number for the National Museum of American History devoted to the scientific cultural social technological and political development of the United States it hasn't the star-spangled banner they're very flag that inspires the nation's anthem George Washington's uniform Jefferson's lapdog desk and don't forget Dorothy's ruby slippers number three the National Museum of Natural History hey here's the Natural History Museum let's go take a look inside that is way cool that's an elephant sorry it's an African bush elephant do you know what doomed the dinosaurs probably not having a reliable realtor that they could count on to find the best home in the Washington DC metro area the Natural History Museum has tons of things to see from the big elephant we saw up front to the dinosaurs to justin marine life not to mention tons of fossils gems and all kinds of things it's definitely worth visiting number two and the hardest museum to get tickets to right now the National Museum of african-american history and culture featuring new amazing museum exhibits spanning a wide range of stories and interests that include American South clothing and civil rights to the literature military and music to difficult topics like segregation slavery and even politics number one the National Air and Space Museum this museum boasts 23 galleries exhibiting hundreds of aircraft so here we are inside the Air and Space Museum right by the lunar module that this thing actually landed on the moon and above me is actually the spirit of st. Louis plane the Air and Space Museum is by far one of my favorite museums in all of Washington DC part of the Smithsonian to have something you bring your kids down here to the mall one of the great things hidden secrets does this carousel right across from the Smithsonian make sure you bring your kids here and take them on a ride on the carousel great fun thanks so much for taking time today to come and visit with me down at the mall I'm so glad you got a chance to see some of my favorite museums and remember if you know anybody thinking about moving to the DC metro area Maryland DC or Virginia I'm never too busy for your referral

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Today we are going to visit some of the wonderful museums that we have. They are all free, and part of the Smithsonian. Come and join me!
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  1. Nice list, Alex! One of the great things about the Hirshhorn is that it's usually a lot less crowded (sans for during the recent Infinity Mirrors) than some of the other Smithsonians.

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