Top Travel Destination | RV America | Ouray, Colorado | Leisure Travel Van v.42

Top Travel Destination | RV America | Ouray, Colorado | Leisure Travel Van v.42

could you imagine me getting Jodi to go ice-cold I mean I would record it that's what I said last time about rock climbing – right all right so we are here for Jodi's birthday 31 birthday so we left flow app for just a very short time to come up to hearing you're a Colorado which is about three hours east of Moab that's pretty sweet the mountains here there are still covered in snow and it is the last last week in March so what we did not know is that there is ice climbing that takes place in the winter here and you also have you know rock climbing canyoneering hiking and 4y4 trails and those activities but had we known ice climbing was right here in your a we might like came here consider in the winter but could you imagine me getting Joey to go high school I mean Oh beep recording that's what I said last time about rocks having to write I'll record you honey and then Here I am of a 50-foot wall rock climbing so from when we were downtown yurei we looked up and we've seen this bridge that went across the canyon and we were like wow where's that so we found the trail hood and we're hiking up that now it's actually called box canyon falls and I'm not exactly sure what's going on right now but we're heading to the primitive trail or perimeter trail yeah permanent perimeter trail so yeah we're gonna go check that out and pictures above it look awesome stuff so we're doing we didn't really would know what we were gonna get into today but so far it's been really nice and pleasant relaxing I guess some people don't call hiking relaxing but I do therapeutic it is and you got to see waterfalls and I gotta like go into a little mine area and yeah it was fun I think every year for like at least the last five years you and I have done something for your birthday something on your birthday that consists of over exerting ourselves yeah cuz last year is we hiked been nervous yeah which is the tallest mountain in the UK if you don't see that video go find my Scotland video that's what we did for my birthday

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Colorado is full of awesome places to visit, but this one is making our top favorite small towns, Ouray Colorado. I don’t know that we would have ever herd of this place if we were not traveling around in our RV and happen to be passing through here. Ouray, Colorado is a small town in a big canyon with lots of outdoor activities right around it. It’s also known as Little Switzerland. Covered in snow during the winter, it’s canyons draws ice climbers from around the country.

The joy of living full time in an RV / Camper Van / Tiny House on wheels is exploring destinations we probably wouldn’t have normally taken a vacation to before. Life on the road has not just been about exploring new travel destinations, but its also about meeting other travel couples on the road that make the adventure.
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