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  1. @useacondompeople you're the kinda person who's described perfectly by the term left wing lunatic. People like you make me sick. You see everything through the prism of haves and have nots. Did you ever think there might be a reason that some have nits don't have. You'd take away somebody's hard work to give it to somebody who doesn't work. That's not compassion it's theft! Go to Cuba where you belong because we don't need you here spreading Marxist poison. Yeah I'm a republican and I also mak

  2. @walkonhome Obviously you never get outside of the Treasure Valley. Do not get butt hurt because I am pointing out the truth. 12 years and you have never seen it. Try getting out and seeing the area in which you live. I lived in Boise for a few years and made it point to check out the entire valley and state. Just not dynamic enough for me, the economy (or lack thereof), culturally (virtually none), weather sucks, no land use laws (growing moronically), but it is a very safe place.

  3. @themccoy500 Seriously, you have never seen it. You would actually have to leave town to see it. Either go south to Blacks Creek, take a left, go a couple of miles and turn left to Bonneville point. Great place to take a hike and an incredible view of the city. Try it tomorrow morning and get back to me. You will then see the brown cloud which sits over Boise everyday. Or just head north to Horseshoe Bend and once you get any elevation you will see it. Or go to Bogus Basin

  4. @walkonhome yeah in most of the country from oct to april the weather isn't that great. I've lived here for 12 years and have never see a brown cloud, or whatever the hell you're talking about. You have probably never have been here. You're probably living in your parents basement. Just stop hating, no one really cares.

  5. basically it's republican nazi land where the havenots r totally under the thumb of the have's. those with money n got something should live there only. at the walmart on overland,u have a whole community of homeless ppl living in their cars n vehicles in the parking lot.u don't believe me, go check it out. old,poor ppl and younger ages too. children etc. living in their vehicles cuz the city can't/ doesn't provide low cost section 8 housing etc. there's never any lo cost housing open/available

  6. and there's a huge homeless problem. when i lived there, u would see all around the city people holding up signs desperate for change/ a dollar etc. for such a small city, there's alot of homeless people.and 9 times outta ten,the cars n big macho pick up trucks would just ignore these people n pass on by without giving em anything. never seen one idahoan give a damn dollar to anybody on the street.cuz most r all heartless,cold,selfish, think their 'superior 'right wingers who have no compassion

  7. they get rid of/ fire workers for making too high of a wage. a co worker of mine worked for the business for like 9 and a half years. they up n fired her 1 day.and y?the bullshit reason they gave was that she had 2 many customer complaints. after 9 and a half years? suddenly she has 2many customer complaints? it's crap.she was with the company 2long n was making a wage they thot she didn't deserve.she got 2 many once a year raises i guess.the workers r valueless there! cutting costs/ppl is it!

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