Travel North Carolina, 25th Annual RV and Camping Show

Travel North Carolina, 25th Annual RV and Camping Show
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hey and welcome this edition of travel north carolina i'm your host grant Robertson now we're here in Greensboro at the 25th annual North Carolina RV and camping show now what's great again about event like this you've got over 250 units under one roof and you're able to see all the vast array of camping and RV and really confined to your choices you control the chaos with CAD mackage never have your tub we're on the ground again perfect for any kind of installation any kind of storage great for the kids rooms toy bins bulb in sippy cups also very useful for the RV's we do sell the different chords in the standard aged 16 inch cord goes all the way up to 28 inches very flexible and one in a stretched all the way out still has that fly to put anything in and take anything out great use for the home we get the ties we have the scarves anything boats RVs made in the USA here in mooresville north carolina this is our gutter magic it what it is it's a gutter cover to keep the leaves out of the gutters and it's the it's set up to go up under your second shingle here so what it does it covers that first shingle and the facial board this very volatile to the weather so what happens is we have these little breaks right here that you see here in this little lip so when your downpours happen what happens it slows the water down and what happens to water ponds up right here and the water tension takes it over now the unique thing about this is is that with other than other gutters covers that you see Arzo goes past the gutter itself about a half an inch so with the angle of the metal the way it's cut it drops you to BRE off over there and your water goes in and one of the newest products out is something called the BBQ grill mat it's a mat that you use on your grill or in the oven for bacon it's nonstick so when you get through grilling you don't have to clean your grill grate you just take the mat and clean it by hand or take throw it in the dishwasher you can still get your grill marks and you don't need skewers all your veggies fish shrimp anything like that goes right on the map these this product comes in a rectangle about 18 x 16 inches but it's cut cuttable to any size I've got one here around them that I've cut for a grilled that came off the boat and I've cut this in for a smaller grill now when you come to RV show obviously going to see the class a motorhomes of class seas and all the way down to the popups button anything going to have is entertainment those tons of vendors here everything from satellite providers to a lot of new innovations and we actually took a sneak peek of that but another great thing is you have a lot of entertainment like Lizard Lick here NASCAR drivers so an event like this besides having the products really brings you in and gets a vast array of different entertainment and new innovations now besides all the entertainment going to have it a show of course you've got to take a moment actually go inside these RVs that's really where you're going to see the latest trends in our being that does it for this edition of travel north carolina i'm your host grant Robertson again we are here at the 25th annual north carolina RV and camping show now again we want you to go out to these type of shows and these convention centers and really see the latest innovations that are you going to see the show like this now again late thank you for watching this edition and we hope to see you someday soon you you

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