Trip to Boston & Rhode Island | Travel Vlog

Trip to Boston & Rhode Island | Travel Vlog

[Applause] [Applause] Wow wait love mine I applause sorry sorry sorry having Malaysian food a Thanksgiving imposter Oh okay I don't know [Applause] [Applause] friends it is our second day in Boston I relieving our place at 2 p.m. because we're lazy asses they won't cut me you are yeah it was of you okay so I got this Freedom Trail which is like a 2.5 mile I don't know what that is in km I'm sorry upper hose it's like a trail where it'll bring us to different sites in Boston I think it's super cool so we kind of track yeah got distracted um so we're gonna be a trail anymore but we do trail we found this really pretty heart yeah so right now in a supermarket getting groceries cuz they're gonna cook tonight would you have that ok good oh oh I like it I like this I don't see it now you remember we're heading to every going to the bus station right now we're in Providence we took a left here and we just go into our Airbnb and it's super nice um I'm going to show you around this is the kitchen there's a pool table amazing [Applause] look this is how cute our houses we're at Brown University

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During my first Thanksgiving break in the U.S., I travelled to Boston, Newport and Providence with my friends! Hope you enjoy watching ❤

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