Turnkey Real Estate Investing In Little Rock, Arkansas.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing In Little Rock, Arkansas.

welcome to Little Rock turn-key I'm Jeremy Melvin I'm Brian Teeter we're gonna talk for a few minutes about one of the most exciting markets to invest in Little Rock Arkansas capital of Arkansas population about 700,000 little rock was recently voted the number one market to live in by Kiplinger's for populations under a million largely because of the affordable cost of living in fact Little Rock is about twelve point two percent lower than the national average in terms of cost of living now Brian you've lived here your whole life you've been investing since 1997 what are some of the things about little rocky you really like well obviously Little Rock is a very beautiful and scenic town right here on the Arkansas River a lot of people will admire the beauty and comment on it when they're here but outside of that we've got a very diverse economy in fact Moody's Investment Services ranked Little Rock is one of the most diverse economies in our region and we do we've got a great great diverse economy lots of jobs everything from medical we've got over 80 thousand medical jobs just right here in this area 50,000 state federal government jobs right here in this area we've got Stevens eat behind us largest investment firm off of Wall Street located right here in Little Rock we've got Aeronautics manufacturing very high-level manufacturing here so a very diverse set of skills here with our workers which translates to great potential renters in this market in fact the homeownership rate in Little Rock is right around 65 percent homeownership translates to roughly thirty five percent of our population our renters so we've got a very good population of renter's a very stable yep home to two fortune 500 companies accion is also here a lot of diversity in the workforce property taxes are affordable another great linear market in terms of buying and holding steady stable cash flow didn't get hit hard by the downturn in 2008 but a lot of things would be really excited about guys what we're going to do is take down a quick tour of this city Shoei some of the areas that we invest in give you a quick look at some of the properties that we buy and yeah just give you an idea of why we really love little walks so much so let's go let's take out a tour all right we're in Midtown Little Rock behind us is University Avenue runs north to south major artery right off of i6 30 a lot of stuff going on in this area we've done a lot of properties within five to ten minutes of here and Brian once you tell them a little bit about why we like this Midtown area Little Rock we like Midtown a lot with number one we've got a golf course over here we've got three major medical centers here in Little Rock we got over 80,000 jobs that are medical related so we've got st. Vincent's Hospital which is directly behind it but got Baptist Health Center which is only a mile or so per minute University of Arkansas medical sciences also just very close by so big Medical Center's lots of jobs in this area brand-new development we've got shopping at Park Avenue mall we've got Target LA Fitness promote Lee williams-sonoma lots of big name brand shopping so it's a very attractive area for renters and homeowners alike yeah we just got back to have a month at Orange Crush actually about you but I'm feeling a little full yeah really good we got a property on South Plaza that's what five minutes from here five minutes top great property three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath walking distance to a lot of shopping a lot of restaurants yep so if you're investing in a property here your tenants are gonna be close to a lot of amenities so anyway we're continuing our tour just giving you a quick look at Midtown Little Rock let's move on to the next neighborhood okay there it is look at Little Rock Arkansas gave me some shots of the downtown area Midtown some of the neighborhoods we like to invest in as well as some of the properties that we've done you can see why we really like the city yeah you bet we've talked about a lot of the great things about Little Rock as far as and economic drivers jobs amenities and things like that but something else we wanted to touch on was our recreational opportunities that's definitely a big draw for a little rock back 2013 outside magazine ranked Little Rock is one of the top best cities to live in and that rating was primarily based on our River Trail system which is where we're standing right now 34 miles of trail biking and hiking and running trails connecting 38 different parks over 5,000 acres of parks all right here within walking and biking distance of where we're standing right now so a lot of great amenities in Little Rock that retain our citizens here and provide a great living environment yeah very diverse city in terms of work and also in terms of recreation a lot of opportunities well that's it guys a brian teeter i'm jeremy Veldman you'd like to learn more about Little Rock as well as the investment opportunities that we have in this market this at our website Little Rock turnkey calm we've got some great properties you take exceptional care and the rehab and again our model is better properties and better areas are gonna make better investments so for Brian I'm Jeremy we hope to see you guys down the road thanks for watching

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In this video Jeremy Veldman and Brian Teeter give a quick tour of Little Rock, Arkansas as well as a quick look at some of the properties they buy and offer to Real Estate investors. Little Rock was voted the #1 Place to Live in the U.S. for cities of populations under 1 million by Kiplinger’s in 2013. It was also voted the second most-diverse economy recently. Little Rock is another great linear market for Real Estate investors- great cash flow, low property taxes, affordable cost of living (12.2% below the national average), over 80,000 medical jobs, 2 Fortune 500 Companies, Home to Stephens, Inc- the largest banking firm outside of Wall Street, and a beautiful scenic location on the Arkansas River. Arkansas also is one of the most landlord-friendly states in the U.S. Brian Teeter is a 42 year native of Little Rock and he’s been actively investing in Little Rock properties since 1997. Jeremy and Brian are 2 of the principals of a full-service Turnkey Company that offers investment properties to Real Estate Investors worldwide. Check out this video and why we love Little Rock so much!

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