Visit New York – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about New York City, USA

Visit New York - 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about New York City, USA

hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walters world today we're in one of my favorite cities in the world New York City you got the Statue of Liberty behind me I'm on Ellis Island learn about the history of immigration the US and all this cool stuff I've got the most amazing skyline you can imagine behind me well behind you in the video oh my gosh this is a fantastic city there's so much to love about New York and there's some stuff you're not going to like about in New York and I'm not gonna lie there's there's a lot of good there's a lot of bad there's a lot a lot of things and so today we have you are five things you're going to love and hate about visiting New York now the first thing you're gonna hate about coming to New York is the random smell now you don't know people say well New York stinks and stuff like that look New York doesn't stink it randomly stinks and it's until random spots you will be walking and you're like oh what is that smell it's like imagine like a bucket of pee that was left overnight to condense down and that punch and aromas coming out and then throw in some wet garbage with it that's that random nasty smell you have here now it's not everywhere but it does happen and what's crazy is you'll walk and you don't hit it but you'll see someone else that go walks through it there you see them go like this it is hilarious but that is one thing you don't like is the random nasty smell you do sometimes get here in New York okay now the second thing you might not like about coming to New York is look this is one of the most visited cities in the world there are people everywhere there's tourists everywhere there's New Yorkers running over all over the place going places there's you know helicopters flying by and noise and craziness going all the time and the thing you might not like is that there is all that stuff all the time you cannot get away from people you cannot get away from the noise this is not a relaxing vacation destination this see the site see the culture have amazing food meet crazy people kind of vacation so just know that that magnet is just people everywhere bumping you on the sidewalk and lines to get into museums and all kinds of stuff so do be prepared for that okay now the third thing you might not like when you come here is your subway experience now I'm not going to lie to you you want to get anywhere in town fast take the subway it's probably is going to be faster in taxis or ubers and stuff like that maybe not as convenient but it is so much faster especially during rush hour but the thing is when you're on the subway sometimes there's interesting people it gets bad – can you smell it you know you it could be quite an interesting experience that some people don't like so a lot of people what they do is they do a lot of walking or they might over or lyft or taxi around that really adds up so do use the subway but the smell in the subway that there's something interesting funny people there's some interesting scary people you'll bump into on there and I will say if you see a subway train that has nobody on it don't get in that compartment go to another compartment because it's probably reason why I like a smell or something nasty also make sure you pay attention because nobody hates more when they get on a train that thinks to local and it turns out to be an express train okay local trains they stop at every stop the Express train that like skips a bunch of stop so you might be all on one step away from my where I want to go then all sudden it goes up like thirty streets you're like oh man so do be careful with that fourth thing you might not like but you come here is your sidewalk experience remember I talked about all those people here well they're walking all the time and you're walking all the time and your feet are going to hurt from you walking and seeing all the cool stuff but also when you know people will stop to take a picture to get run into look make sure you walk to the side you have the right side or left side of the sidewalk to take your pictures otherwise you're going to get run over okay also on the sidewalks watch out for the like if it's a rainy day or something like that or the slush puddles or the water puddles depend on the time of the year for this rain you don't know how deep that hole goes and it just gets you wet and nasty and all kinds of stuff not really cool okay oh and also when you're on the sidewalks you do run into that smell we talked about before now the fifth thing you're not gonna like when you come here is the lack of public toilets you'll see in all my New York videos I tell people make sure you use your potty before you leave the hotel because there is a very lack of public restrooms here in New York so you got to go to like people say go to Starbucks they go to McDonald's see how they're dirty they're nasty and as the day goes on those bathrooms get dirty or nasty and grocers so use your hotel and if you're going around town and you pass by your hotel again go use the potty again because the public bathroom stuff here too Rodi Rodi actually there's an app there's lots of apps actually that you help you find clean toilets in in New York City and other cities too but like it is really kind of an issue so make sure you go especially have kids now those just five little things you might not like let's be honest this city is fantastic and well things you're going to love about it the first thing that I love about it is wandering the city I mean when you get that first time when you come out of Penn State's you take the train in and you look up and right down the street is the Empire State Building but when you're flying in on the plane and you see that you get this this vibe like oh I'm going into the city and you get to wander around and see this fantastic architecture world-famous sites world-famous statues of Liberty yeah there's all this great stuff of wandering the city taken into people the bodegas and and and all this awesome stuff here is that's what I love about it it's just wandering the city because you can enjoy the city without spending a lot of money okay you'll spend a lot of money on hotels and they're small and crappy just just deal with it and the tax on hotels are horrible but you will enjoy the city at a good price because there's a lot of free stuff to do and see and discounts and all kinds of stuff okay and that's why it leads into the second thing you're going to love about coming here is the culture and the sights that are here yes you can go up the Empire State Building it is quite pricey you go to the top of the rock you know see the views of the city or what you can do is you can go to the fantastic museum the met with some one of the best collections of art in the world the Natural History Museum that's there you get the Museum of Modern Art you have the Guggenheim you've got so many great big famous museums and smaller museums you can go to as well going to place like Ellis Island and seeing the history I mean John says like I have to find out about my grandma great grandma Mabel because she came through here let's find her you have all these great things you can do when you are here to have a really great cultural experience and that culture spreads out to all kinds of things not just in Manhattan you can go to Brooklyn and Queens and all the Bronx and stuff like that there's museums there there's culture there that's so cool to come here because you can really see kind of the world and art and all kinds of great stuff when you are here now the third thing you're gonna love when you come here are the New York isms look you've watched Sex in the City or you've watched some show friends you want some show based here in New York and you're like oh Soho and Greenwich and I want to go to Upper West Side Upper East Side these kind of things I need have a slice of pizza yes all those two york isms you have hear people yelling on the streets what's going on it's just the craziness of New York is just so awesome to really feel in those New York isms you see out there and that you've seen on TV and stuff like that come to life here I want you last night we went to Hell's Kitchen ate there fantastic place to eat like just really fed out to eat here and these things are so cool and go and do all these things it really kind of makes you feel like I can live this place it's an awesome city there's so much here for me and that whole New Yorker is something and it's just it's just one of those things that really makes a city unique because a lot of people say well I've been to America I went to New York oh my god oh New York is New York gets its own piece there's all the Sun stuff that happens here and you got to see much more to see it really understand that u.s. goes to York is its own beast remember I told you noise all the time wind all the time not much I could do now the fourth thing you're going to love when you come here is the diversity and multiculturalism of New York and that diversity and multiculturalism it's in this Co it's in the people it's in the neighborhoods it's in the languages you hear the food you eat I mean this city is multicultural okay everywhere around you have different groups of people different languages here different like neighborhoods that really do integrate the idea of multiculturalism like New York is multiculturalism you can't tell me I'm having to I've been other places nobody doesn't like New York for the fun side forward tours to go to the Chinatown's the Little Italy's together create a tea there you have all this different stuff but all the different people that are here too that really makes this a great multicultural place a diverse place because there's anything you want to do you can find it if you want a culture vacation you can do that if you want a club and vacation you can do that if you want to have a culinary vacation you can do that that's what's so cool about the city this multicultural diverse nature here is awesome so I'm talking so fast and it's good so excited about New York and the fifth thing you're going to love about New York and this is one people are most shocked about is the New Yorkers they are freaking awesome now I know in TV you get all these things that New Yorkers they're rude they're jerks they're always in a hurry they're pushing people out of the way look dude they spent a ton of money to live in this town and they've got to work and they've got to come across town up where it all downtown uptown all kinds of stuff so they're not mad they're not Church they're just in a hurry okay that's why when you stop and take that picture and you like run over and like get out of the way tourists that's not them being jerks that's just like dude I gotta get to work okay because the people here are fantastic and what's cool is if you need help they'll help you you're not sure you are asked a local they'll help you they'll show you on your map you're here go here but we've had people literally say you know what I'll walk you there to make sure you get there okay because the New Yorkers are awesome no matter where you are they really kind of take care of their own and they take care of the people who are there and that's one thing I love about this town is because you really do feel like you can be a part of it and if people really make it wonderful and that's why though it's number five of my loves it's my true love of New York are the New Yorkers so what are the things that you love and hate about New York let us know the comments section below I guess I miss my ferry to get out of here so I'm gonna go see some more stuff you'll have a great time here in New York it is fantastic if you want to learn more ten things still shocked about New York how to tip in the u.s. things like that check us on our website at Walters WorldCom we're also on Twitter Facebook Instagram and we really appreciate your likes subscriptions we hope you have a great time here in New York and for my international friends I'm sorry I spoke so fast in this video I'm just so excited about New York I can't help myself so bye from New York

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Visiting the Big Apple of New York City Can Be Amazing or Something Besides Amazing. Here we go through the best and the worst of visiting New York City. From the I LOVE NYC Shirt crowd to the amazing culture and food, to the toilets that make you not want to go to the bathroom and smells that remind you of your junior high cafeteria 20 years ago. The 5 Things you Will Love & Hate about Visiting New York City!
Filmed on Ellis Island, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016
The Hates of New York City
#1. The random nasty smells that New York sometimes produces.
#3. Your Subway Experience – the subway goes everywhere in New York and that is awesome, however the crowded rush hour traffic, the interesting people and mistaking a local and an express train can make it for a bit of a headache.
#4. Your Sidewalk Experience. Make sure you step to the side when you want to take pictures in NYC. Otherwise be prepared to be bowled over by locals, tourists and any number of random things.
#5. The lack of clean public toilets… just make sure you use the toilet before you leave the hotel and if you really need a toilet the museums tend to have decent public toilets.

The Loves of New York City
#1. Exploring and Wandering New York – from seeing the Empire State Building for the first time to strolling Central Park and Brooklyn there is so much to enjoy just walking around and enjoying New York.
#2. The amount of cultural opportunities New York has – from world class museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the American Museum of Natural History to the Museum of Modern Art and Ellis Island, New York and around has a number of cultural outings for all types of travelers.
#3. The New York-isms – from having a slice of NYC pizza to bagels at a diner to a deli lunch to the crazy people screaming and the iconic sights, New York is so… New York and you will love it!
#4. The Diversity and Multiculturalism of New York City. From the numerous neighborhoods, restaurants and bodegas to the languages, foods and fun, there is something from everywhere and for everyone in New York.
#5. The New Yorkers – though they get a bad rap, the people of New York really are great and can be one of the most enjoyable and surprising parts of visiting New York City.
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26 Replies to “Visit New York – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about New York City, USA”

  1. I’ll tell you some about multiculturalism. Chinatown, buy whatever you want on the street at a really good price. Fifth Avenue spend your life savings plus retirement on clothes. Need I say more?

  2. Should do an updated video on 5th Ave and Columbus Circle. Columbus Circle train stop that is cause its a major hub to get off on the A B C D and 1 trains to access Central Park at its South entrance or going to 5th Ave. These areas have Trump properties like Trump Tower and tourists, espicially ones from other countries get a bit confused/nervous seeing the security that's set up in the areas.

  3. I wish people would stop doing vlogs about stinky ass, crime filled, noisy, disgusting NYC. Like wtf??!! Go upstate and hit up the Adirondack mountains, see the peacefulness, the heritage of NY. The history is amazing. Nobody gives a fuck about cities

  4. I visited NY in my early 20’s. I loved it so much I wanted to move there! I’m a lot older now and hoping to go again with my family. I also found the people to be very friendly. They are “real” and not phonies like in California.

  5. I think New York City it's not for everybody, its very exciting and fun but also very crowded, expensive and noisy.
    It took me 2 years to get to love it, and still sometimes i hate it. it's a tough city but with so much to offer!
    Thank you for loving our city and us newyorkers 😀

  6. This video is definitely accurate… though I find that I don’t really have any “hates”. Except for maybe getting asked if I want to take a pedicab, big bus tour, carriage ride, etc. constantly. Just don’t give them eye contact and they won’t push you, but it does get a bit exhausting. I LOVE NYC!

  7. After 53 years I left New York it turned into a hell hole run by insane Democrats that run out the natives and bring in the freeloading immigrants giving away my money

  8. Been there many times, …THE NOT SO GOOD: NYC has both the most UNFRIENDLY people you may ever see…and, yes, "some" of the most friendly & helpful. Rats ..unfortunately , unhealthy ..big, HUGE rats scurrying it the streets, the bus station, a is shocking and getting out of hand. ..The hotels are insanely expensive whether a dump or an alleged 4 or 5 star hotel. GOUGING high. It is EXTREMELY noisy. The # of homeless, druggies, alcoholics and "lazy" refuse to work ahem "people" are too abundant and some of the beggars will prey on you IF if if they think they can intimidate you or get away with it …AND , of course, the overly aggressive unemployed thugs and hoodlums who beg for money. NYC is NOT a "clean" city, restrooms are hard to find, and CLEAN restrooms are even rarer. It is "overall" an overly expensive place with out of this world high rents, housing prices, grocery prices, taxi, etc.

    LIKES about NYC: You "can" find a cheap meal. As of 2018 you will be shocked to still find PLENTY of shops that sell delirious thin NYC style pizza for 1 dollar per slice!; the healthy fruit by street vendors id also SUPER CHEAP. …as are hot dogs folks. The hot dogs even with sauerkraut, and mustard, etc. onions , etc. can be had in many on the street small shops for just 1.25!
    Next is Central Park. You can snooze, exercise, get "some" peace & quiet , jog, read, etc. at this tremendously large beautiful Park in the smack dab middle of MANHATTAN. ITS full of artists selling their art., statues, and has ponds, fields, and even a zoo. Next, the outdoor Farmers market in Union Square near the architecturally splendid & unique Flat Iron Building is a bustling place with LOTS of fresh food. The Staten Island Ferry- GET THIS – is still FREE! The only free Ferry left in NYC. Visit beautiful Grand Central Station and its amazing astrological ceiling! Marvel at the ethnic and racial diversity. If you do NOT want to get ripped off by Taxi drivers, the NYC subway & bus system is generally excellent. Next, you will be AMAZED at the array of museums, from the "Goog", to MOMA, to the Met, to the Frick Museums, yes, they cost mula and are not cheap BUT THEY ARE All WORTH The Educational experience! The NY Public Library is a great visit; they usually have an interesting exhibit there and its near famous Grant Park , a fine place to people watch or picnic. Hope this helps!

  9. I like your videos a lot. I agree with everything except from the toilets, they wheren't so bad. Pub-toilets in England, you got to wear Wellingtons, and in Copenhagen you got to wear gas-mask.
    What I really liked with NYC was that it has not been "touristified", like London UK and Stockholm. It still got it's soul.

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