Visiting New Jersey ❆ Vlogmas Days 17 + 18

Visiting New Jersey ❆ Vlogmas Days 17 + 18

hey guys welcome to vlogmas day 17 we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish I am headed out right now to go get my eyebrows done and then I am just once again studying and working on a paper because my last final is tomorrow which I'm super excited about and then my papers technically due monday but I was gonna try and get it done by tomorrow so we'll cross our fingers and hope that that happens anyway I'm gonna go head out get my eyebrows done and yeah it was raining so much more than I thought outside I'm so excited I ordered the gym shark compression pants online during black friday or cyber monday or something and they just arrived the company's in England so that's what it took forever but if you don't watch nikita black at her that's where i got my inspiration and i love her and you should watch her anyway i'm excited wear these to the gym i just made a smoothie and it has pitaya which is dragon fruit Ian frozen strawberries frozen blackberries frozen peaches frozen banana and coconut water and I'm super excited because I just feel like I need like a boost boost of vitamins right now I just mean the cutest hot chocolate for a video that I'm putting up on Saturday but it kind of overflowed so I had to put it on top of a paper towel but it's super delicious how's your drink we just went to Whole Foods got some dinner and now we are at Michael's getting some stuff for some snow globe DIY and something else know that much yet welcome to vlogmas day 18 it is literally almost three o'clock in the afternoon I have been studying my bed all day because I was like I'm a Friday final at night so I can study my bed in wear pajamas late so anyway I literally just took a shower it feels amazing to be clean but i think i'm gonna leave my vlogging camera here because i'm gonna go study at starbucks / i really want one of those Star Wars coasties they're giving out for free today I don't even like frappuccinos I just melted cozy but I don't know if we'll see they might not have any locked but I'm gonna go study there for a little bit grab some lunch cuz three and I've only had breakfast scoops and then I'm gonna go take my final and I'm not gonna like get rid of or anything before the final because we have joe's holiday party tonight and I'm going back after brief I'd also i'm just not gonna worry makeup wear sweats be super comfy and then come back later and tumbling my camera will be fully charged and then we're going to his holiday party for his work tonight so that should be really fun and i'm excited and that is in new jersey and i have a good to jersey lot so should be exciting hello it is now nighttime and joe and i are headed to his holiday work party in new jersey and it was a little bit more presentable and had my tests done it wasn't too bad so anyway we're gonna go to his holiday for now it should be really nice you

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