Vlog #5: Moving from NYC to Delaware !!

Vlog #5: Moving from NYC to Delaware !!

honestly I'm trying to stay focused you must think I've got to I don't think I can't worry hey guys and welcome to my channel I am in an amazing mood today and this naturally is beaten honey so I decided to make a video um I want to make videos with more substance but I also do want to make funny videos I just want to commit to having more content so today I'm gonna talk about the fact that I moved from New York to Delaware like I know so I've lived in New York my whole life basically Brooklyn New York and I love it I Love New York I love the fact that it is really the city that never sleeps I love the diversity I love the fact that summertime there's nothing like summertime in New York and everyone who who's grown up in Brooklyn knows this you know being on your porch being in front of your building in summertime is like nothing else you know in life but um growing up maturing you know having a family and wanting to be successful like my priorities drastically have changed and you know there's a lot going on in New York City right now and I just have to make a change everyone that knows me was like why you're moving where you're doing what like why and I just had to I mean I got my keys and signed my lease before I really even told anyone so actually at first I was not gonna move to Delaware I was gonna move to a further state where my brother lives hey bro and I decided that listen Delaware is only two hours away and it still has a lot of the benefits that those other those further states have and I said you know what I'm gonna do that I can easily commute back and forth to the city when I need to if I need to and that's what I decided so I got a two-bedroom in Delaware and I'm paying less than half of what I would have been paying if I would have gotten an apartment or a townhouse in New York that is equivalent to the square foot and amenity that I have here I have a pool I have a gym you know I have space I have like a walk-in closet stuff like that in New York you're paying like 2,500 and up for that and I really wanted that I didn't want to settle for the type of place that I wanted moving out of my family's home like you know you want to do something nice you know and honestly I was being stubborn my mom was like you know save some more and move out and buy your house and you know do this and do that and I heard her but this is what I wanted and I felt like this was the best decision and I'm gonna be buying my house soon because child out here I feel like when you're in New York being a business owner buying a house you know having a lot of money legal money or even illegal money it's still it feels like a dream that's like always right there but you're always chasing it I feel like you have to work two jobs a hustle legal illegal all of that to like keep afloat in New York City and I've grown to have the mind of a hustler like I've been molded to have the mind of a hustler and best believe I'm gonna get money regardless but I want to see my money I want to walk into my house and be like whoo like yeah I see my money and I don't have to run back out right right right now because a bill is late because I have to pay this and have to pay that and like being able to relax some days and just be like yeah I'm gonna vacation next month because I need to like I'm gonna take a DIN hair because I can I'm gonna take today off because I can't like like you can't take that for granted and I don't take that for granted being able to do that now even though there are lots of pros with moving out of New York City and moving to Delaware there are also cons of course like I said I'm a city girl back in New York I had no problem taking a train didn't really like buses but taking a train hopping in a cab that was go to you do not need a car living in New York City people in New York City take that shit for granted when you move out anywhere else even if you move upstate New York need a car so that definitely was like a big change for me having to need a car not really having another option let me tell you something the lifts out here I said a lift maybe 12 minutes away and she was $19 my lips in New York to go like 20 minutes away were like $12 it's like I don't understand it's crazy and I know $19 is not a lot of money but when you're taking cabs both ways every day that shit adds up okay so that's definitely one thing moving out of state you have to have a car or you have to have means to someone's collar and so you can get your own car because it is no joke let me tell you bus and train out here that is a joke that's the joke so that's not even an option for someone coming from the city New York City moving into a more rural place like it's not it's a big difference another thing another kind of moving to where I moved to so I'm not actually I'm close by a lot of colleges but I'm not in the city part I guess what is what people from New York will call it I'm not in the city I'm closer to where older people live so there's not a lot of fun things to do there's not a lot of fun adult things to do I would say there's a lot of bowling and rollerskating and golfing and horseback riding all things that I love but hookah sports clubs and you know gentlemen's clubs there's not a lot of that there's not really any of that you know within a 20 minute vicinity of where I live and I'm actually not someone that goes out a lot of likes to party and do all that stuff but I would like to have the shit and I think I'm only mad because I don't have the option if I did I probably wouldn't be doing it you know that much but it is a little annoying that I have to drive 40 minutes plus out to go to a club or you know to do something like that the good thing though is that I'm really close to three different states so PA is 30 minutes away from me Marilyn is like 10 minutes away from me in Jersey it's like 15 minutes away from me so there's all these other options there's all these other states I can go to and explore and even though it's close by you know when you enter another state it feels like you're in a whole new territory so that's definitely what I've been doing just exploring and seeing around me what's out there you know what's new I definitely have not made any friends so if you're in Delaware and you're a girl hey girl hit me up cuz I'll be bored alright all these doli else it's ridiculous I've not made any friends I'm actually just joking I'm not in a rush to make any friends I know God will send me the people who I need to be around but that does kind of get boring sometimes I miss my best friend shoutouts today I miss her so much because I don't be doing shit besides working come on take care my baby and you know sometimes you just want bullshit but your friends sometimes you just want to chitchat and that gets you know a little frustrating sometimes but I'm in school online right now I'm thinking about going to classes in you know in the building and I guess I'll meet new people when I do that that should be nice I haven't experienced a winter out here I was at first terrified about experiencing winter out here winter in New York is like no other but I feel like there's more open space out here I don't know how this snow is going to accumulate out here so I'm trying to just brace myself for that I'm an uber driver once told me that winters are not that bad they have a lot of I don't know right now what they're called but so like these things that are built dug up underground it rains a lot out here so they have these things that are dug up underground for the rain to go down into so that it doesn't flood everywhere so I'm assuming that that'll be effective for the snow as well so maybe that's why winters aren't so bad out here hopefully I don't know we'll see so anyone that knows me knows that I am very serious and very particular about education I myself work in education I'm preschool teacher and I've taught my son from birth until now with the help of my mom who was a preschool teacher for like 30 years an administrator for like 30 years and that's what you know kind of gave me my passion I love seeing kids learn I love teaching kids new things they light up when they learn new things I taught Aiden to read at 4 fluently I told him right now he's 7 he's doing multiplication and division you know double-digit he's been doing double and triple digit subtraction and addition since last year these are the type of things that I love you know to see kids doing I don't believe that there are any stupid children you know children are taught and children learn and I see no limits for anyone and that's kind of been a problem for me out here working and trying to find the perfect school for Aiden the I feel like the standards are lower and that might be anywhere when you leave out of New York City I feel like the standards are lower and that is a problem for me because like I said I see no limit for children's learning and it's kind of like I don't want to come off cocky and I don't want to come off like as a know-it-all because I'm still learning like I don't have a bachelor's degree yet and I don't believe that that is the only standard you know for measuring how effective someone can be in their craft a degree I don't because I have a lot of experience and I am a bomb teacher but at the same time you do need coaching and you do need more molding and you do need formal education when you're trying to formally educate children I get that so I'm also not trying to come off as if I know everything and you guys aren't teaching your kids or anything and I'm just gonna come here and fix you know but I do see a problem with the fact that Aiden is in first grade it was in first grade in New York and coming out here he's most likely gonna be going to third grade because second grade out here they're doing things that he already like knows how to do like and it's frustrating you know it's frustrating because I want him I don't want to be overwhelmed but I want him to be learning new things and I want him to be great and I wanted to be on his level and you know I see that as a problem so some of the pros like I said are price-wise everything out here except for lives have has been affordable everything has been cheaper than New York when I say everything except for lives I mean everything out here is affordable first of all in Delaware I didn't learn this which is horrible talk about hungry of a teacher I am I didn't learn this until I got out here Delaware was the first state so Delaware doesn't have any taxes any sales tax so you know in New York when you go buy something that's a dollar it becomes 108 when you got something that's two dollars it becomes wet like 216 out here $0.99 means ninety nine cents fifty to fifty two dollars in 80 cents if that's how much it costs well there wouldn't be any 80 cents because that would be the Texas $52 I love that love that also there's no sales tax on homes like no land tax on home like just let that sinking so I love that from apartments drastically cheaper than New York City and for what you're getting it's worth it it's not like the apartments are five hundred dollars and you live in a small dirty box it's not it's really nice and comparatively it's way cheaper weight cheaper groceries way cheaper I don't know if anyone drinks almond milk um not not what brand is it that's crazy because I drink this every fucking day what anyway the Blue Diamond Blue Diamond I think is that it's called Blue Diamond almond milk it is like six freakin dollars 550 in New York for the box of almond milk I wish I had it right now it was 289 out here for one 289 like what insane blew my mind stuff like that is always happening with activities with movie tickets going to the movies in New York like that is a date I really commend men because that you should be like a little cheap casual date before it's been in like $50 just at the movies and then you know she's gonna want to do something after that we don't want to just do movies that's gonna be even more money $50 just at the movies out here movie tickets are like how they used to be $8 for the adult like not 17 like I really got used to New York living so coming out here I never loved it but I got used to it and coming out here is like a shock and a breath of relief that you know you can have fun in it's affordable and you don't have to spend all your money just to have fun or just to live oh yes and one more con oh my goodness so it could just be that I don't know you know the plugs yet our hearings all the way but hair salons nail salons makeup all of that have been just misses out here for me no hits like oh my goodness I have not found any good nail salons and you didn't hear salons I have to go to New York let's get my nails done – can I hear them – by here like it just has not been a great experience for me so if you know anybody in Delaware that does here that's really good or that does nails it's really good it does makeup eyelashes that's an eye brows oh my goodness I was so pissed when I got my eyebrows done out here when I tell you they didn't look any different from when I started so if you know anybody that does so I don't have to keep commenting you let's get these things done please list them in the comments below because it has been ridiculous let's get into this install real quick because honey child this is Hausa bundles here three bundles of 20 inches I am NOT a layers fan so this 8 16 18 20 thing I'm not really a fan of that I do have an 18 inch closure but I have 18 inch closure and 3 bundles of 20 this hair I'm also gonna tag the girl who installed it because I cannot remember her right now and I'll tag house a bundles down in the comment section below but yeah so that's basically my story of moved from New York to Delaware I've been out here for about four months now and it's been great so far I think that I'm gonna be here for a while I don't know if I'll be here long term because I have plans for the future but it's definitely great for right now and if you're definitely thinking of leaving your parents home in New York or just moving out in New York period because it is it has gotten crazy I would definitely recommend you know here's an option it's not so far it's not not it is it is a big change in lifestyle I'm not even gonna say it's not a big change in lifestyle it is a big change in lifestyle um but if you do move to Wilmington it's not a big change in lifestyle I don't live in Wilmington if you do move it's not that different from New York City or it's as close to New York City as you'll get moving to Delaware so if you don't want to shellshock I would say move there first um like I said that's not where I live so it was definitely a big difference you know for me moving here but it's been great I'm happy I'm finally settled I had my housewarming all my family came and they showed so much love love you guys and yeah definitely stay tuned for my next video I'm gonna be making a lot of them I should make another one today I don't know I think about it but yeah see you guys soon

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  1. Moved to Maryland from NYC (born and raised) all about work and family with a son named Aiden as well, and transportation Lawd 😫 your Definitely right ! Education is definitely #1 to me, first thing I look for is what the school rating is in the potential area of interest before moving ✨ New Subbie here !! 🙌🏾

  2. Thank you so much for the information. I'm also looking for other options outside of NYC. I really appreciate the way you approach teaching. We need more educators like you. Every child is capable of learning. Blessings!

  3. Tfs.. I'm from bk also.. I'm planning on moving also.. Gotta get my 💰 💰 💰 right.. I was considering DE, MD, PA to live.. Gotta do more research & take more trips to DE to finally decide.. New subbie ✨.. And yes NYC is getting way 2 expensive & crowded too much noise.. I want a change & new beginning.. #2019

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