#weupinhere – v5 | Best Places You Must Visit in NEWYORK | NYC GUIDE

#weupinhere - v5 | Best Places You Must Visit in NEWYORK | NYC GUIDE

haha hey what's up man we are bringing you back again back to your I'm trained to go to Penn State New York that's my mom my dance my daddy hey get your letter got it right now I'm low key with the height sale so put the mic down I can see your night gap it's bad job for you summarize for me you could try to hold me down by the pun siding free I'll big get mine and leave my mark liquor Brady's feeling wet on the train cars see him run the city got you books in my bag but for our purposes they created from my rent is brutalizing every victim realize and ain't gonna change unless I make the difference longer than have a hey what's something we opinion back again yo we actually at the hotel right now we're about to worry about to do that hahaha love with you korean BBQ bow that's the bash so anyway I'm a catch you later in where come come from home or something hope you're having a great day love your anger happy holiday you're enjoying Telma ridiculous we hope arranging you one more time want to action happy Holidays to all of you from the purple family so now yet the kimono place but you know the Linus house language so nothing we have to wait for 15 minutes but now we've got to go to the usual place man that place smooch aaah let's go it's a it's a smooth use place which is so good I'll see you later yo you want to see something lovely lad video which you get those people wanna know p is that's a hot worried hotline I do wonder my dad is so old-school man yeah out my house live in the land of the free come off with him Jamie other one on a dream every morning I wake up son my family's needs and they got a game so why that'd be a feeling like it then is small for me and nobody will help me get these dollars for me in the home of Mercedes babies and policy treas ain't no room for the needy I leave room for the green food if you think someone do it for you think someone to do it for your use a feel boy Oh I know some people tell me I should sleep the same people be mixing their handiwork up seven people addicted to reality sucks like this joke nigga name alone say what a difference if I'm minding my business ain't nobody ruining ain't no reason for fishing I've been grinding in mining with my hands in the churches where was you at and using food if you think someone to do it for and we have to be free what's up hey yo ass up so guys we just finished eating can hold on just now and we just rise for a bit and then we bout to go to this great place adventure like it's you soon where are we man roster wine no sir Judas is pretty cold it's not as cold as Boston you he was jacking and I don't I'm like you were small and I know that's why man and you as you gotta be preferred you know that are you ready this is the thing that I'm telling you about one of the best ever let's get it radical be you Turner's the other according to the got a fire he's like straight I mean that man hi you yes what you waiting for my Crocs you know no so what's the best thing here cereal and milk and cookie and birthdays every basically everything go your eyes hey yo something we have been yield back again so it's a lucky day because my hotel is just right beside how alaga is we bout to find out walking that's what we call jaywalking what the world come and tell me what I'm supposed to do we gotta I know started by the gold rush ready hunted out can we get the parkin swole up shake the man's making plans for the holdup you're killing millions of Indians it was a bow flush i sent you later ain't a damn thing changed the homeless shake hands for tolerance change can't steal the tailgate protection from atlanta pudding and it tells faced off set minimum wage this is celebrity screen here need a call from the streets of the highest hills in Japan will tsunami killed thousands Haiti Indonesian you will leave for thousands around the world many seek opportunity but some chasing green get the blues and the eulogy awful got leather trim and some veterans we just hate a dollar i'll forget the tomfoolery Sam watch the welcome we gotta find a man's away let's go home what the world club and tell me what I'm supposed to do we gotta today I don't Mansa way told me was everything but but you gotta believe me fight for your rights and listen we got all right what the world coming to tell me what shot below my window sill over love the drugs and with the bills thugs huggins fear when it kill I'll store it for where will the smell sports causing the sleeves and walk the hearts and the leash barking at pace talking smart with police your pic is gonna stop soon mother long as the Sun shines will always have love conquers all what hoes have to wonder would like to be like if we live love for others cuz we show we know what it's like without it just look at the bar and chalk lines are surrounded Oh yet now Magnolia Bakery often legit to the system banana bread pudding destroyed nevermind Anna bread bread pudding this is the place we want to go the best and nah no bread pudding Oh love me that's my mom by the way you up in New York you gotta try this yeah so the banana pudding is very good and my mom want to try we're gonna try this epic banana pudding i'm a goof coolidge it brother I'm trying oh that's a lot yo I look at me baba okay yo minions what something that does that's a cool car that is a cool car you you like me you like to feel haters brace my behavior my music will be a savior later maybe later I can sing something for you deliver it to your door that's what I'm we sitting in my backyard forget yes I have deserted you AOS mmv open your baggage and yo so it's a conclusion and our first day in New York I still she fell down anyway thank you guys for watching hope you guys like it please subscribe i'll see you guys next time

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My family decided to go to New York for the holiday. So this video will bring you to some GREAT places that are worth visiting when you are in New York.

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