What to Do in Belfast, Ireland | 36 Hours | The New York Times

What to Do in Belfast, Ireland | 36 Hours | The New York Times

Belfast is a different city than it was all those years ago there's such a buzz about it there's so much excitement maybe pull off ten years in a whole redevelopment the city you know every one person's heart of the town every year and better and better I say this is one of the most beautiful cities and has to be the one of them was friendly city it's the people I think more than anything I'm the crack I'm sure that's a word a lot of people misconstrue sometimes but valia valia cracker Belfast that's its lugar lingo what's the craic what's going on what's happening or it's good craic is it's good fun good fun good time yeah that's what we attract is what kind of an undiscovered treasure when people do visit they are so surprised by the wealth of the offered twelve thousand suppose another man there's lots of new openings and young chefs and young restauranteur earth people are dining right more we just want to give Belfast often haven't seen before throw something fun casual great dining sports our selling point is to get to encounter as we said from the chefs awesome work romantic and funny yet it's just fun so it's like a personal set chairs table the reason rations call Ronson cleaver is it actually used to be very famous department store for Belfast lose the 937 and it's been really nothing here until the posh needed there's people coming in and they're saying you know I used to work here I just want to come in just to bring back old memories Oh something we're proud of we put the terrace outside so you can actually get the view city oh and be able to set aside is Wednesday there's too many beauties like that which health and imam lomatin parts working in three-star Michelin restaurants we will try to bring a bit of that back here but also Ireland very famous for you know the cream and the butter and the richer stuff so kind of mix everything together and make something special we meet over here spectacular the faces amuse the vegetables are a potatoes you know everything's here right on route goes that won't make something for anyone please welcome you know you've got foodies in one corner young people doing their concerts get after people that celebrate an anniversary so it's kind of casual if you can get it put so done properly I just love the fact that there's so much culture in this study and that's quite a recent angle in in the last ten years the Mac is a brand new art center we are the home for the Arts in Northern Ireland we have theatres galleries workshop spaces with tastic cafe and bar so it's a really big Art Centre in a really small city but despite our small as we have a disproportionately large number of really you know claimed and world-renowned artists we're actually situated right in the middle of the shipyard where Titanic was built this place was full at that time of 15,000 workers at the height in the 1930s they had 30,000 people working here and it was the lifeblood industry of Belfast what we like to bring to life in our exhibit is not just the specific story of Titanic but the story of the shipyard the people who worked here and pride that this has in this part of Belfast there is something for everybody in the Ulster museum which is the largest and most popular museum in the survey and covers three distinct areas of his art and its nature and science and it is a strain because we're part of a city we're also part of a city's history we try to reflect that recently we open the Troubles gallery and that's a thought-provoking and interesting exhibition based mostly on photography just prompts people to think about the conflict took place over those 40 years the pub is the public community is people need in the drain the fun once you cross the front doors of the chicken York whether you were speaking for the council our Prime Minister you've retreated to see him everyone knows it and it's always busy able to stand it and straighten under paints on a cobbled Street there's all your bars in Belfast but we like to say we're we're one of the resilient you people Puerto Rico Listeria as Polly the most vibrant and popular social area Belfast right now I think this has been a good addition to it but your your typical Irish pub the buildings were expecting the combination of authentic Irish music a chicken restaurant upstairs on a really good beer gardens made a really good pub and it's just so typically about flowers you know it's rough already but it's really good quality we've certainly tried to do something a little different here and even if does look like a building site come in you'll find it this building has been here since 1826 the backcourt in say to the bar is very Victoria you'll not get a bar legged anywhere in the world and say it has a lot of smokes smokes were put in the bars in Victorian time for a person of wealth or liddie don't want to be seen drinking in public view it's a great bar to mix in the craic encounter that's that's what it's all about that's what clubbing the bell class is all of it Oh

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Belfast has been coming into its own in the last few years, developing a vibrant restaurant scene, award-winning architecture and a new cosmopolitanism.

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What to Do in Belfast, Ireland | 36 Hours | The New York Times

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