White Bass Fishing — Illinois River 2016

White Bass Fishing -- Illinois River 2016

got one oh I got a double dude oh my gosh check that out first double ever yeah that's awesome dude first yeah that was my first cast first a double some good stuff am I here fish today with my buddy Reagan I know you guys been wanting me to fish for them for a while so we're out here on the Illinois River and we were catching some striper and we're going to be going out for some crappie as well so stay tuned there's one another nice striper it's the biggest one so far sure there's a lot bigger ones in here though there's one ah I just got one another one on smaller what's the limit on strikers out here there's one guys go on up nice okay and they got another one on guys there we go dude another one that's it it's a nice crop and check that that's a good one yeah nice one there's one baby let him go just like that another one another sniper so Austin is edging those stripers on crazy blades he get those from Trevor Miller on Facebook follow us on Facebook and check us out find Trevor or you go to big red bait tackle calm cool yep never use these before and they work great so make sure you check them out he's got another one on the on the jig ooh I got one too doubled up here is a little bigger than mine but it's how you do it I want my River there's one that's a nice one here's like a good one guys yeah we're doubled up we got some nice ones on here looks a little bigger check it out another double back-to-back yeah you don't get that every day nice third TAS third fish for Reagan Oh another copy for the cropping master here let's get one goes right on the point of that brick wall there's a nice one yeah they gave lady Ivanka nice I forget a jig on okay I just did oh that's what we're looking for guys right there Prez an ice striper oh yeah it's bouncing off the wall and got right into the slide well that was awesome that's a mic with your ordinary there's one guys yeah one or two doubled up guys so we like here is another double what is this like our fifth double some good stuff holy crap is that a carp okay what this excuse nice he just blew up a jig head – yeah check that out guys okay the big mean-looking thing that's an Asian carp right ugly ugly fish what are you kill it throw it in alright check that out huge daddy'll good on there yeah there we go going on thus coming towards the boat again get up here sweet another one right at the boat you know Oh

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Catching white bass and crappie on the Illinois river in Peoria, Illinois. We had an extremely hot week, which makes white bass very active and feeding on shad and baby asian carp. We used jigs with thumper tails and blade baits to mimic what they were feeding on.

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22 Replies to “White Bass Fishing — Illinois River 2016”

  1. Hey guys. How is the fall fishing at this Peoria dam? What other species can I catch other than white bass, crappie and catfish? Alsi2, what exir do I get off from I-80 to get there? Also I have a boat so I need access to a boat ramp.

  2. Question for the group: If you could be "approved" and "legally" fish local golf course ponds in your area for a small fee…would you be interested??? If so, please reply with Yes, and let me know what you would pay/hr to do so. Thank you very much for your participation. I'll post the results after 30 days.

  3. great video guys, very nice action. those hybrid stripers didnt stand a chance against that crazy blade lol. where about in Peoria are you guys catching, if you dont mind me asking! i would like try a fly out by that dam. and if you want, follow me on instagram @gypsies_outdoors and send in some pics or vids

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