Wisconsin Dells – Retreat. Relax. Repeat.

Wisconsin Dells - Retreat. Relax. Repeat.
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it's an iconic Wisconsin destination the water parks the entertainment the memories but today we're exploring another side of Wisconsin Dells get ready to retreat relax and repeat hello and welcome to discover Wisconsin for those who look for more and now say they'd seen it all [Applause] ah wisconsin dells offering endless entertainment and excitement for all ages but what if you're looking for a different kind of vacation one that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag well you're in luck we're checking up everything you need for an amazing getaway to the dolls starting off with an incredible meal right here at the one and only ish nilus ever sub located right in the heart of Mirror Lake State Park ich Nala supper club is just minutes from downtown Wisconsin Dells with incredible views classic cocktails and a mouth-watering menu it's ideal for a special night out in the Dow's you know how to serve up a good dish Midwestern fare steak seafood prime rib lobster tail we sell about 20,000 lobster tails in 183 days so obviously that's a big seller for us and your menu it doesn't change much right no we do minimum things well I want to do what we do and do it the best so we stick stick with what we've been doing forever this state is well known for its supper clubs in ich Nala I think could be said to be really the king of Wisconsin's have our clubs it's not coming to a restaurant it's coming to a supper club and it's an experience we want you to have take your time sit on the deck have a couple old fashions I want people to really enjoy themselves and to feel like they've come to somewhere special that they're not gonna get someone yes I think one of the things I love so much about this spot is that you're right outside Wisconsin Dells but you're still you kind of feel like you're escaping from all the chaos of downtown correct you drive a mile into the woods to our supper club that is five minutes from water parks and everything going on and you feel like you're in northern Wisconsin and it's a no wake Lake which is mostly pontoons kayaks canoes they can bring their pontoon right up to our pier they can bring up their kayaks and canoes right up to our sandy beach everything about it is nature the beauty the quiet for this whole property one of the best parts has to be just the concept of you're making people's days this is what they look forward to all week long in a lot of cases and I'm willing to bet there's a lot of memories that are just being made every single day here well we're at table 15 yeah that's the most requested table in the restaurant because this is where engagements are made it's just so many memories and then they have kids and start bringing their kids it just keeps building and building and building such a great tradition I am a huge fan of getting off the beaten path and exploring things that are maybe a little quieter and a little more serene a nationalist supper club is exactly that it is in the middle of a state park so you're surrounded by Wisconsin beauty I think a lot of people forget that Wisconsin doll started as a tourism destination over a hundred years ago it was the nature in this area that really brought people in when you think of Wisconsin dolls you're gonna think of course of the water parks and that downtown district but I also think a spot like ich novel supper club is iconic to Wisconsin Dells and gives you a totally different vibe this is a place you're going to fall in love with because it's just so beautiful I really do think knowledge should be on every Wisconsin ice bucket list learn more about ich nala supper club at discover Wisconsin com coming up my sister Kylie and I enjoy an unforgettable girlfr getaway we'll be right back we're getting off the beaten path in Wisconsin Dells right here and discover Wisconsin so my sister and I were looking to do a little fun girls getaway trip just for the weekend one of the first stops we wanted to make was Baraboo bluff winery the view here is just spectacular you can see for about 20 miles so that is always from the onset better I think our biggest draw people come from the view and obviously stay for the wine we were highschool sweethearts and then after high school she went to college I went off into the military 20 years later we reunite we now have a blended family four years after we bought this property we bought four grape vines and planted on them then we had this vision about putting a vineyard on our hillside that's what L started we're sitting up on the hillside one day drinking a bottle of wine and looking out over the view and he said we should plant grape vines in my comment was what do you know about planting grape vines yeah and he did it anyway so the first couple years it was you know planting grape vines and getting together with family that's kind of a great thing about this businesses our friends and family are all involved as matter of fact every employee here is a close friend of ours or a family member and you know is our winery dog he actually helped spread some times in the winery so he's often seen with little bits of grape juice on him and he's white so that's all prosecuted loves people he comes down and greets them he's a good boy so there's a saying that we have it says every good story starts with Baraboo bluff wine I think that's awesome that's what we want we want people they have fun when they get here exactly we have some great outdoor seating we offer picnic blankets for people to grab and sit out on the on the grass and share a bottle of wine I want them to come away with the thought that they were at a winery that was friendly that was welcoming inviting I want them to bring family enjoy our wines and just have fun when I comes to planning a vacation all about getting good drinks the wine tasting was really fun they had a nice variety too from some drier Cabernet to some really sweet white wines the first one for you is our Color Me cab it's a full Cabernet sovereign Clara boob watch Niagara grape and then the girlfriend wine has a little bit of a story to it so the girlfriends on the bottle are the wine makers two oldest sons girlfriends now wives so when the wine maker first started making wine he wasn't making sweet wines and these girls really wanted sweet so he made this for them fell in love with it is now our bestseller we actually poured a whole glass at one point and then went and strolled the vineyard I think one of the reasons I love wineries so much is that the ambiance the environment is always so inviting and here at berry blue bluff winery they actually had live music they had an acoustic musician here so everyone was at the picnic tables and under the pavilion and joined the live music there's actually a lot to do here for a winery whether you want to stay inside and keep cool while you sample plenty of wines or get outside and check out the vineyard or chat with folks underneath the pavilion area while listening to live music it's a very calm serene peaceful setting here right outside of Wisconsin Dells download a free itinerary with suggestions for your Wisconsin Dells get away at discover Wisconsin com coming up Kylie and I continue our girls trip with a little pampering stay with us welcome back to Wisconsin dolls right here on discover Wisconsin next on the list for a relaxing getaway in the Dells a little bit of luxury and that is exactly what you'll get at Spa Kalahari located right inside Kalahari resort sand conventions spa Kalahari is the Oasis of the resort it is the place where people come to just relax and let go we are a full-service spa so we do a little bit of everything so we do facials manicures pedicures body treatments we also offer our halo therapy rooms halo therapy is a salt therapy that has been around for thousands of years and it is used to detoxify the body the salt room has about 6,000 pounds of Himalayan salt in it that is broken down and turned into a vapor that vapor is being breathed in and the health benefits are anywhere from building up your immune system to helping breathing issues and it is helping to kind of detox you from the inside out I'm always up for trying something new and the halo therapy was definitely something new for me and Kylie it was just a really nice way to kind of kick back and relax and breathe in the salty air spa Kalahari is open to the public as well as overnight guests so no matter what kind of getaway in the Dells you're in town for it be sure to schedule some spa time Spa Kalahari is in the middle of Kalahari resort and you would never know it once you're in here it is so quiet calm and kind of feel like you're in your own little bubble it really did have the perfect environment here very calming for those who find relaxation outdoors the Kalahari is also home to the award-winning trappers turn golf club designed by none other than legendary golf course architect Roger Packard and two-time US Open champion Andy north we wanted to create a course that was challenging but yet was fun to play I probably spent 50 or 60 days on site during the building of the golf course which gave me a chance to understand what goes into building it overall is really a great experience one of the things that I liked about it as much as anything is how we use the property that was here and it really gives the golf course some character that's natural versus something that's just man-made over the years I've played quite a bit of golf here I think the one thing that that makes this property really unique is that to play it not only different times of year but even during the different different times during that day a certain Hall will look totally different at nine o'clock in the morning that does it 4:30 in the afternoon based on shadowing in the Sun and and and that sort of thing if you ask the guys who play here on a day-to-day basis I guarantee you they enjoy because it's a different test quite frequently a golf here nearly daily what I like about this course is a really natural setting every hole is in some ways unique this is one of the most beautiful courses I've ever played whether you're a seasoned golfer a new beginner or you just want to take in the beauty of the course trapars turn is open to all it's very playable for all golf levels there's four sets of tee boxes so if you don't hit it as far you can play shorter tees or if you're a great golfer you want to test it out from the back tees you have that ability but you also offer a full service restaurant that's open for lunch and dinner daily and our main season and even in the winter we're open on weekends people enjoy our veranda which is just a beautiful view and a great place to eat it's just a fun place to be with so many great golf courses there's several options for people to go play great golf but we really want to treat our guests well provide them a great product and a whole experience check out behind-the-scenes photos of our crew filming this episode at discover Wisconsin dot-com and make sure to tag your photos from the Dells area with the hashtag discover Wisconsin on Instagram coming up to places that are perfect for a night out on the town in Modell's we'll be right back discover Wisconsin is back exploring Wisconsin down okay so so far I've checked off great food amazing wine a little neat I'm at the spa the one thing we're missing here in the dolls is entertainment and you do not have to look hard when it comes to Wisconsin Dells there's literally entertainment around every corner here live music is everywhere around here from local musicians playing in restaurants and bars to music festivals and touring acts you don't have to look very far for a good concert but if you're on the hunt for a truly spectacular show the Crystal Graham theater is an iconic venue that has been drawing some of the biggest names in music for decades [Applause] one of the main things that sets the crystal grand apart from other venues is the size it it's intimate it's only 2,000 seats so it doesn't it's not like a stadium but what happens is that you are up close and personal with the artists at the Oak Ridge Boys they've been coming forever to the crystal Grand Rick Springfield has been here a number of times we've had a number Stix REO so the idea is that the theater it just covers all genres of music and because of that it's always changing it's always different when you walk into the Crystal brand you're gonna see the lobby which has just tons of rock and roll memorabilia so signatures past bands that have been here drum heads that are signed we want to make it a living museum so that when you come you can see the history because we've had just an amazing array of talent that's been here over the years my wife tells me that if I'm not singing she knows there's something wrong I have music in my soul people that work here they're one of the prerequisites is you you have to love music to work here and so when people come they get they are greeted by music lovers just like themselves and that's just a great experience check out upcoming shows and events at Fissel brand.com [Applause] to get a sense of the local music scene there is the keg in the patio right downtown I grew up playing in music my whole life and my true passion was to be a rock star that didn't happen but I built myself a bar that I have a stage we have live music every week live entertainment is just a great opportunity for people to sing along tap their foot it's just great for the community so when you come to Wisconsin Dells you've got to find yourself a good party spot I think whether it's a bachelorette party girls getaway maybe a mini family reunion I think the keg in the patio is a perfect spot to just get together and just catch up they've got the indoor keg area but then they're also adjacent to the patio which is full of great picnic tables a lot of fun games like giant Kinect for and giant Jenga a really cool kind of outdoor fires so you bring your friends and family and have a really good time here with great music great food great drinks and above all awesome atmosphere you know this is all about the social environment here it's really built for people who are coming to have a good time together so to me a great spot to have on your travel itinerary when you visit without the kick and patio are so much more than just a bar restaurant it's an attraction it's just amazing the different levels of fun we have you know we have the games for the kids the ice rink that's a synthetic ice it doesn't depend on weather and we can use it year-round for me a vacation is the trademark of the CAC people come to the Dells most of them are on vacation or here for business but even if you're here for business you're still gonna have a little fun in the pour me a vacation just fits in you know a lot of people think the Dells is just like a Midwest attraction we meet people from Arizona California overseas and I just think it's just amazing the people that come I love when they have a great opportunity to see us see what we do and they leave here with a big smile on their face I think what's so great about Wisconsin Dells is you can really have any kind of vacation you want everyone knows you can have a great family vacation thanks to all the amazing water parks it's a wonderful spot for an adult getaway whether it's a guys getaway or a girls trip away really whatever you want you know use your vacation days plan a fun trip with your friends and family this is definitely a social city if you've been here already come back I think you might be a little surprised by all the other little hidden gems in the area worth discovering Stream discover Wisconsin anywhere anytime continue the adventure on appletv Amazon fire Roku chromecast Smart TV and discover Wisconsin calm

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Wisconsin Dells is an iconic vacation destination. Sure, it’s The Waterpark Capital of the World, but there’s a whole other side of Wisconsin Dells perfectly poised to provide an entirely different kind of vacation – one where you can retreat, relax, and repeat!

Host Mariah Haberman begins her Wisconsin Dells trip with a delicious meal at Ishnala Supper Club, before grabbing her sister for a girls’ getaway involving wine tasting at Baraboo Bluff Winery and a little pampering at Spa Kalahari, located within Kalahari Resorts & Conventions. For those looking to get outdoors, The Kalahari’s Trappers Turn Golf Club offers 27 holes of challenging play on an award-winning course designed by two-time U.S. Open Champion, Andy North. And for live entertainment, don’t look any farther than the Crystal Grand Theatre in downtown Wisconsin Dells or The Keg & The Patio, where Mariah takes in some local jams while enjoying a drink and a few games on the outdoor patio. Get ready to discover a different side of Wisconsin Dells!

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